Comdata B2B Vendor Resources

As a leading innovator in electronic payments, we are focused on helping buyers and vendors transact easily and cost-effectively by eliminating paper and manual effort.


Lower Your Card Acceptance Costs

Accepting credit card payments can be affordable if you know how to control your processing fees. Comdata has partnered with Infintech—one of the pioneers in helping B2B vendors analyze their payment processing and secure the best rates—to offer an exclusive program that reduces your costs and improves efficiency in your AR group.

Earn Money Back on AP Spending

Start your own virtual card program and reap the benefits of paying your vendors electronically. Not only will you eliminate the hassle of paper checks, you can contribute directly to your company’s bottom line by earning money back on AP spending—the same way you get money back on your personal credit cards.

Processing Questions?

As experts in payment processing, we’re here to help. Learn more about processing virtual credit card payments from your customers. How should you handle remittance emails? And what should you do if you lose card information? Get answers to these and many other questions in our Common Vendor Questions document.

Easy Reconciliation

We attach a CTX 820 (Corporate Trade Exchange) Remittance Record to each payment notification we send on behalf of our customers. The CTX 820 is a flat file that contains all of the remittance data from the invoice(s) associated with the payment. This standard file allows you to import the data to your financial system, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation.