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Paying your travel vendors with virtual credit cards can provide multiple benefits for both your business and the vendors you work with. It can reduce costs, streamline processes, and mitigate risk.

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Virtual Travel Card

The Comdata Virtual Travel Card is based on assigning you a single-use credit card number for each transaction.

Whether you have an in-house travel manager, or use a travel management company (TMC), Comdata’s experienced implementation specialists provide expert instruction to help you achieve a smooth transition to this program.

If you already use a TMC, you can simply book travel through your TMC as you normally would, and the TMC generates the virtual card number automatically.

What Are the Benefits of Using Virtual Credit Cards for Your Travel Program?

Increase Insights for Travel Managers

Gain insight into travel spend with more accurate, detailed data, allowing you to better negotiate with your vendors.

Improve Travel Policy Compliance

Virtual credit cards improve compliance by giving organizations the opportunity to apply additional controls based on your company’s travel policy.

Streamline Process

Virtual credit cards integrate into your business travel resources and networks, and can sit along your current T&E card program. This means you’ll need to change little about your current processes.

Improve Vendor Relationships

There are numerous benefits for travel vendors who accept virtual credit cards, including less paperwork, no hardware, and fewer invoices being sent to travel agencies.

Manage Non-Cardholders

Virtual credit cards reduce the need to reimburse employees who haven’t been issued a corporate T&E card.

Improve Travel Cardholder Process

Since there are fewer expenses to be claimed after the trip, this saves time for travelers.

Reduce Personal Liability

This one is pretty self-explanatory and will be a benefit to your cardholders.

Finance Department System Integration

Virtual credit cards automate the payment and reconciliation process by integrating into your accounting system/ERP.

Mitigate Risk

Process your travel payments safely and securely with Comdata’s virtual credit card program. You’ll reduce the possibility of lost or stolen cards getting into the hands of unauthorized users, while curbing out-of-policy spending by employees. 

Improve Cash Flow

Virtual credit cards give your business the opportunity to earn rebates based on your travel spend. Rebates on virtual cards can often be higher than traditional cards.

Increase Transparency

Virtual credit cards give your company a clear audit trail, through the unique ID of the card number, to tie every transaction to a single traveler.

Reduce Credit Limits

You’ll be able to reduce credit limits on T&E cards because employees no longer have to book air and hotels on their cards.

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