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Virtual Credit Card

Comdata’s virtual credit card program allows you to deliver payments electronically using a secure, single-use Mastercard account number. Like a check, these payments are for single-use-processing by a single vendor for a specific amount, but the virtual card saves you the cost and hassle of printing and mailing paper checks.

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Pay vendors electronically using a secure, single-use Mastercard number

Turn Your Payables into a Revenue Generator

Each payment you send out the door could be eligible to earn you monthly rebates through our virtual credit card program. Because our program delivers payments through the Mastercard network, we are able to provide a money-back rebate, similar to the way a consumer can earn cash back on a credit card.

Submit Consolidated Invoices

Our program can help you achieve greater payment visibility and a consolidated view of all your payments in one place. Use our program to help you track payments, and to gain greater automation of the reconciliation process, along with more insight into your expenses.

Send the Exact Payment

Comdata assigns a virtual Mastercard account number for the specified dollar amount with detailed remittance information, including your system-generated payment number.

Leverage Existing Vendor Pay Cycle

Use existing vendor pay credit and billing cycles to extend DPO without changing terms with your vendors.

Help Reduce Fraud

Use the tool’s controls to help ensure that your cardholders only make purchases that are authorized and in compliance with your corporate policies. Set limits and approval requirements for each card.

Implementation and Setup

Your usage of our virtual credit card program can be up and running in as little as 7–15 days without involving a major drain on your team’s time and resources. Speed matters because every check payment that goes out the door costs you resources and is also a lost opportunity for potential rebate revenue.

Vendor Enrollment

We offer an excellent service in terms of persuading your vendors to allow payment through our card—which means less effort for you with more benefits, including:

  • In-house team of full-time specialists who understand the needs and pain points of your vendors 
  • Substantial vendor network (consisting of vendors who have already confirmed they accept payment through our program) with 46% growth over the last two years

A revenue Generator

Comdata Virtual Payments

You’re still paying your suppliers by check. It takes a lot of time, and paper, and money — between $5 and $12 per check! There is a solution. You can reduce costs, streamline business processes, and earn monthly cash rebates, with Comdata Virtual Payments.

source: ACOM

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