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Solutions Overview

Comdata is a pure payments company. Because we control all core functions in-house, we are able to deliver innovative solutions with speed and customization.

ASAP by Comdata

Gain complete control over your payables with our cloud-based, automated AP system.

Virtual Credit Card

Designed for companies of all sizes seeking to move to electronic payments by using a secure, single-use Mastercard account number.

Commercial Card Programs

Comdata’s Corporate Mastercard® delivers all of the features of a purchasing card, T&E card, and fuel card on one piece of plastic. That means one card provider to manage, one invoice, and one location for all your real-time reporting and consolidated data.

Couple the card with Comdata's expense management tool to make generating, submitting and approving expense reports simple and easy.

Purchasing, T&E Cards & Fuel Cards

Set up card controls that limit the amount, location, and times when your employees can make purchases, helping ensure compliance.

Expense Track

Expense Track by Comdata is our cloud-based, automated expense management tool.

Travel Expense Management

Comdata’s suite of Travel Expense Management solutions provides better control over your business travel program, less fraud risk, more savings and the data and insights your team needs to negotiate the best rates with travel providers.

Comdata also makes life on the road easier for your employees with industry-leading mobile applications to manage travel and submit expense reports.

Virtual Credit Card for Travel

Simplify reconciliation, increase security, and improve compliance when booking travel by using a single card number linked to a single transaction.

One-Card Solution

Comdata provides comprehensive travel addendum data for greater spend analysis and overall policy management.

Per Diem & Reimbursement Card

With Comdata’s prepaid Mastercard, you can easily pay per diem and reimbursements by preloading allocated funds before a trip begins.

Global Payments

Global businesses trust our affiliated companies at Cambridge Global Payments to power their cross-border payments, execute plans to manage their currency risk and ultimately help grow their businesses around the world. At Cambridge, we aim to deliver unmatched service and expertise with respect to moving money globally.

Whether you are interested in managing global payments online, or mitigating your foreign exchange payment risk, Cambridge Global Payments provides products and services that can assist. 

Cross-border payments

Cambridge has built a world-class cross-border payments and currency trading platform that is renowned for its innovation and exemplary service. Our extensive selection of currency products and services, supported by leading-edge technologies, is tailored to support the unique way businesses operate.

From mass payment automation to providing access to intuitive payment validation tools, we help businesses maximize their potential, connecting them with global currency markets.

Workforce Payment Solutions

Comdata is a pioneer of paycards, and we provide the world’s leading businesses with superior electronic workforce payment solutions. Whether you’re interested in moving toward total electronic pay, offering a valuable benefit to your employees, improve payroll efficiency our job is to make your easier.

To do that we provide dedicated implementation support, and create customized training and rollout programs designed to optimize paycard adoption. With Fintwist, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and utilize the latest and greatest in workforce payment technology.

Payroll Cards

A Better Way to Pay. The Comdata Payroll Card, Fintwist, is an innovative twist on the payroll card. With Fintwist, employees are in full control of their wages, from the comfort and ease of their smartphones.

With this digital payment solution, your employees will gain valuable insights into their finances and reduce their dependencies on cash in an increasingly digital world. Fintwist is backed by Mastercard, giving your employees the security and universal acceptance of the Mastercard network.

Prepaid Corporate Cards

Comdata’s Prepaid Cards are designed to help allocate and disburse funds – to employees and non-employees – quickly and easily.

technology not treasury

Why Comdata?

For over 50 years, Comdata has been a leading provider of innovative B2B payment and operating technology. We offer unique capabilities in technology development, credit card issuing, transaction processing, and network ownership.

We provide continuous vendor enrollment, best-in-class integration experience, and robust web services including APIs. This approach helps our clients operate their businesses more efficiently and build electronic payment programs that positively impact their bottom lines.

Solely Focused On Payments

We focus all research & development and innovation on creating better payment technology and services.

Unique In The Market

We provide a comprehensive suite of products and in-house capabilities that offer individualized solutions.

Bank Agnostic

Our services let you maintain flexibility in your treasury relationships without interrupting your card programs.

World Class Programs

Our consultative model comprises world-class products and programs that are continuously evolving to meet our customers' needs.

Let's Reduce Your Workload

We provide our customers with customized, comprehensive solutions to help them streamline their financial processes.

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Comdata Corporate Payments is changing its brand to Corpay

Comdata Corporate Payments

We’re joining with FLEETCOR’s other Corporate Payment companies— Nvoicepay, Cambridge Global Payments, and Roger—under the Corpay brand.