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Comdata’s SmartSite platform is ideal for your commercial or terminal fueling needs.

Whether you require a single merchant card network unit, a proprietary card system, or a fleet and bank card system communicating with high-speed internet, the SmartSite platform can meet your needs. We help you maximize fuel transactions by accepting leading bank, fleet and proprietary fuel cards. To speak to a sales representative, contact us at 1-800-733-3398.


SmartSite GX

Increase Your Gallons Each Month with Full Fleet and Consumer Card Acceptance

  • Mitigates fraud and is EMV certified
  • Mobile app to help your customers save time at the pump
  • Authorize pump transactions in remote locations
  • Integrated security camera & printer
  • Weather resistant with encrypted pin pad option
  • Real time pricing updates, cloud based storage and web-based reporting
  • Every transaction generates automatic reporting for the driver’s employer, and financial institutions
  • ADA version available (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Windows 10

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Visit our customer portal to easily manage your sites from a desktop or mobile device 24/7. This includes automated reporting, site status alerts, remote authorization, pricing changes and more.

SmartSite FX

Smartsite FX

Newly Designed to Meet Your Fueling Needs

  • Weather resistant
  • Enhanced diagnostics for mechanical pumps
  • Pedestal mounted printer
  • Complete site and system management via web portal interface
  • Support for all brands of electronic dispensers with or without CRINDs/CATs
  • Windows 10

SmartSite HX

SmartSite HX

Flexible Site Controllers to Modernize Your Legacy System

  • Pay at the pump
  • Manage your fuel site remotely with smart self-diagnostics and automated email notification of pulser failures, low receipt paper, manual overrides and more
  • Receive detailed time and flow rate analysis through enhanced diagnostics for mechanical pumps
  • Upgrade existing platforms in the field through a modular, expandable software program
  • Simplifies installation and significantly reduces upgrade costs
  • Weather resistant
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