Comdata’s expense management tool makes generating, submitting & approving expense reports easy by eliminating paper receipts, providing expense reporting & enhancing compliance.

Easily Manage Employee Spending and Expense Reporting

Comdata Expense Management

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Comdata’s expense management tool, Expense Track, makes generating, submitting and approving expense reports simple and easy. Designed specifically for use with the Comdata Corporate Card, it makes the process less complex for you by eliminating paper receipts, providing easy expense report generation, enhancing policy compliance and much more. 

Expense Management Software
Automated Expense Reporting

Capture receipt images and approve reports all from your mobile devices.

Save Time with Auto-Image Matching and Coding

Automatically match a photo of your receipt to the card transaction to make it easier to create and file your expense reports. Transactions are automatically coded based on the merchant category.

Fast Reimbursement and Reduced Fraud Risk

Program managers can reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses faster, detect fraud and abuse and capture all spending in one place.

Stronger Policy Enforcement

Use the tool’s controls to ensure that your cardholders only make purchases that are authorized and in compliance with your corporate policies. Set limits and approval requirements for each cardholder.



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