The Comdata Corporate Credit Card allows you to earn rebates for your business on every dollar you spend. Plus, the single piece of plastic can be used as a purchasing card, T&E card & fuel card.

One Card for Multiple Programs

Comdata Corporate Card

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Corporate Credit Card | Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card

Corporate Credit Card | Purchasing Card

Today’s rapid pace of business requires flexibility and the ability to complete transactions quickly. When used as a traditional purchasing card, the Comdata Corporate Card provides you with expense management reporting to help control spending, reduced transaction costs and increased compliance with organizational policies. We offer both traditional limit-based purchasing and a balance-based “cash wallet” for cardholder funds—all on one universally accepted card.

The Comdata Corporate Card for purchasing is ideal for office or field-based employees who make frequent business purchases. Typical uses include:

  • Office supplies
  • Computer software
  • Courier services
  • Equipment leasing
  • Postage
  • Work orders
  • Retail purchases
  • And many more




Organizations reported an average cost savings of $69.82 per transaction when using a card over the traditional P.O. and paper check method.

RPMG 2014 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey


Travel & Entertainment Cards

More Benefits in More Places—Wherever and Whenever

Chances are, travel and entertainment is one of your largest expenditures, so it’s critical to effectively control and monitor these expenses. The Comdata Corporate Card for travel & entertainment gives you that control, while offering your employees the convenience and worldwide acceptance of MasterCard. Comdata provides comprehensive travel addendum data for greater spend analysis and overall policy management. We also support data feeds to all expense management applications and enterprise solutions, such as Concur, iExpense, Oracle, SAP and many more.

Comprehensive MasterCard Travel Coverage*, including:

  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance
  • Travel assistance, including emergency cash as well as replacement of lost tickets and luggage
  • Legal referral and bail bond assistance
  • Reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses when a trip is interrupted (certain exclusions apply)
  • Automatic collision damage waiver insurance
  • Recovery of Value Added Taxes incurred during international travel


$1.3 million is the average improvement in discounts on travel spending attributed to use of travel card data in vendor negotiations.

RPMG Research Corporation


*All coverage is subject to certain terms & conditions. Coverage is not guaranteed.



Fuel Cards

The Road to More Savings

The Comdata Corporate Card for fuel provides customizable card controls, detailed reporting, flexibility and fuel discount opportunities to drive maximum efficiency and cost savings beyond the pump.

Fuel at Thousands of Locations Nationwide

With the universal acceptance of MasterCard.

Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance Discounts 

Comdata has one of the largest fuel and repair discount networks in the United States. Get automatic discounts at our nationwide network of retail fuel locations, plus many more, just by paying with your Comdata Corporate Card.

Consolidate All Fuel Purchases

Including retail, mobile and bulk, into a single program and single invoice to more effectively manage expenses.

Receive Detailed Transaction Data and Visibility into Spend

With powerful real-time data as well as Level 3 transaction reporting.

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Expense Track

Expense Management Solutions
Expense Track by Comdata is our cloud-based, automated expense management tool. Designed specifically for use with the Comdata Corporate Card, Expense Track allows cardholders to quickly generate, submit and approve expense reports.
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Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Card Solutions
A virtual credit card is like a check, but better. Deliver payments electronically with a secure, single-use MasterCard number. You benefit from added security and money-back rebates on your AP spending.
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