Using an AP Automation system minimizes the cost and labor associated with paper check payments, streamlines your AP processes and improves security - all while earning you monthly rebates.

AP Automation

Comdata offers multiple AP Automation Solutions

Virtual Credit Card for AP
Designed for companies of all sizes seeking to move to electronic payments, Comdata’s virtual credit card program replaces paper checks with single-use, virtual Mastercard payments. Eliminate the pain and cost of paper checks, while earning monthly rebates on invoice payments. 

ASAP by Comdata
ASAP (Automated Streamlined Accounts Payable)
Manage all your invoice payments in an easier, more cost-effective way. ASAP by Comdata is a cloud-based payment software that allows AP staff to make check, ACH, credit card and international payments in a single payment process.

Integrated Payables System

ASAP by Comdata

Gain complete control over your payables with our cloud-based, automated AP system. ASAP by Comdata is an end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing accounting system and bank accounts, giving you the flexibility to customize workflows while simplifying your processes. Execute payments including virtual card, check, ACH and international payments at one time in a single payment file. Spend less time on payment management, all while saving and reducing your AP costs and earning monthly rebates on virtual card spending.

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Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card is like a check, but better. Deliver payments electronically with a secure, single-use MasterCard number. You benefit from added security and money-back rebates on your AP spending.



Virtual Credit Card    

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AP Automation




Why Comdata?


Because we develop technology, issue credit cards, process transactions and have our own payment network, we are able to deliver better payment tools than our competitors. And we have the capability to meet unique needs without relying on third-party providers. Because we are not a bank, you maintain the flexibility to keep or change your treasury relationships without disrupting your payments program.
AP Automation
Best-in-Class Implementation Team
Implementation Team

Proven Methodology

We have refined the implementation process with thousands of clients to have your program up and running in as little as 7-15 days.
Support Resources

Support Resources

We provide a detailed project plan, implementation toolkit, training materials and reference guides to make your program as easy to manage as possible.
Market-Leading System Integration
Keep Existing Processes

Keep Your Existing Processes

We integrate directly to your ERP or accounting software so you don’t have to change your AP workflow.
Automatic Reconcililation

Automated Reconciliation

Because our systems are integrated with yours reconciliation data is passed back to you automatically, making it easy for your accounting team.
World-Class Service
Dedicated Team

Relationship Management Team

The ongoing success of your program is driven by a lead relationship manager and a team of technical support representatives. They will constantly monitor your program and work with you to identify additional opportunities to generate more rebate revenue, increase controls and make your internal processes more efficient.


Comdata offers a comprehensive suite of reports to help you gain insight into your AP program. Custom reports are also available to help you meet your unique needs.