Our integrated payment system lets you connect data from multiple financial systems into a single platform so you can securely pay vendors with a single payment file.

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Manage All Invoice Payments in an Easier, More Cost-Effective Way

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ASAP by Comdata is a cloud-based payment software that allows AP staff to make check, ACH, credit card and international payments in a single payment process. Spend less time on payment management, all while saving and reducing your AP costs and earning monthly rebates on virtual card spending.

Easily Execute All Payments at One Time

Make virtual card, check, ACH and international payments in a single payment run.

Further Reduce AP Costs

Pushing as many transactions to virtual credit card or ACH means even fewer checks and less printing and postage.

Simplify the Reconciliation Process

We assume responsibility for the payments, greatly reducing the time needed to reconcile your payments.

Maintain Control and Eliminate Payment Risk and Liability

Customizable approval workflows allow you to control what gets paid and when, while Comdata assumes liability and accepts payment indemnification.

Spend Less Time on Payment Management

We help manage unclaimed card balances, 1099 card reporting and stale-dated checks.

Manage Domestic and International Payments

Pay international suppliers across 170 countries in 140 currencies through the same simple process as domestic payments.

ASAP by Comdata - How It Works

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Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Card Solutions
A virtual credit card is like a check, but better. Deliver payments electronically with a secure, single-use MasterCard number. You benefit from added security and money-back rebates on your AP spending.
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AP Automation

AP Automation
Minimize the cost and labor associated with paper check payments, streamline your AP processes and improve security.
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