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Alerts and Notifications Help Page FAQs

As part of your corporate credit card program from Comdata, you get the benefit of text alerts and notifications to better protect yourself and your company from fraud. This program was designed with you, the business traveler, in mind. We know that not being able to use your corporate card because of suspicious activity or fraud can be an incredible inconvenience. Whether you’re trying to pay for a client dinner, buy fuel, or check out of a hotel across the country – you need your card to work every time.

As a complementary benefit to our fraud detection alerts, you will also be notified via text message if your card is declined for non-fraudulent activity, such as a PIN/ID number being entered incorrectly. In these cases, you can correct the error and rerun the transaction for approval.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the service. For questions about Alerts and Notifications not found on this page, contact your company’s credit card program administrator.


Why am I getting a text from my company about my corporate credit card?

Your company uses Comdata as its provider of corporate credit cards. As part of our offering, we provide a text alert service to help your company improve user experience on declined charges, fraud management and reduce risk.


Do I have to pay for the Alerts and Notifications service?

Standard data and text rates do apply. However, because this is a notification and fraud management service, you will only receive future text messages in the event of a declined charge, suspicious transaction on your corporate card or to notify you of confirmed fraud.


How does the Alerts and Notifications program work?

When you enroll in the Alerts and Notifications program through your employer, you will receive text messages under the following conditions:

  • In the event that our risk management system identifies a suspicious transaction. You can confirm that the transaction was legitimate or flag it as fraud simply by replying to the text message.
  • In the event that a charge is declined for non-fraudulent reasons, you will be notified via text message why the card was declined and be able to take action to correct the error.

If you identify a transaction as fraudulent, we will decline all future transactions and send you a text notification. In the event that you need to continue using your card because you are on business travel or need to pay for another business expense, you can tell us which transactions are yours and we will allow them to go through.


How do I use my card after there has been confirmed fraud on my account?

Once there is confirmed fraud on your account, Comdata’s processing system will block all future transactions and send you a text notification of each one.

To continue using your card, attempt to make your purchase. It will be declined and a text notification will be sent to your phone. Simply follow the instructions in the text message to authorize that transaction, then ask the merchant to run the card again. As long as the purchase is from the same merchant in the exact same amount, our system will allow the transaction to clear.


Who should I contact if I have questions?

For questions about your enrollment in the Alerts and Notifications service, contact your company’s credit card administrator.  Additionally, if you are a Canadian Resident you can contact 855-823-8859 for assistance. For other questions about using your card, call the 800 number located on the back of your card.


How do I unsubscribe from Alerts and Notifications?

We encourage you remain enrolled in the program in order to better protect yourself and your company from credit card fraud. However, if you wish to opt-out, simply reply STOP to ANY Alert message received.


Will Alerts and Notifications work when I am traveling outside of the United States?

Functionality outside of the U.S. depends on your mobile phone carrier and the type of device you have. The service will work internationally in many cases, but is not guaranteed

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